Annual Series

A Styljoux pen is a hand-finished product, manufactured at the highest level of quality. The Styljoux Workshops, often bring under the same roof, rare craft and highly skilled artisans. At the moment the annual output of pens is severely restricted. A higher production will compromise the exceptional standards and it is not currently attainable. This very low volume is absolutely dwarfed when compared to other pen manufacturers or watch manufacturers who routinely produce tens or even hundreds of thousands of units a year.

As a highly exclusive brand most of our models are produced in Annual Series. An Annual Series or SerieAnnuelle consists of a limited number of units, often less than 2000 units, manufactured yearly. The production is stopped usually after four years and sometimes after three years. The Annual Series year of production is indicated on the pen by lowercase letter.

Special Editions are produced in Unique Series of 5, 10, 50, 100 or 1000 units. A Unique Series it is not produced yearly over a few years, but the model is stopped once the indicated volume has been reached.