The entire top barrel and cap are cut and milled from solid blocks of sapphire. The production of this sapphire structure took years of research and testing in order to ensure an adequate response to the demands of strength and comfort. Sapphire is known as a particularly scratch-resistant material with a hardness of 1,800 Vickers. Made of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) crystals, it is transparent thanks to its molecular composition. The machining of such components was the biggest challenge faced by The House of Styljoux, a challenge made all the more difficult as the sapphire machining process is exceptionally delicate.



Sapphire body

Weight adjustment mechanism

Pusher released cap

Unique series of 10



14 MM


2.8 MM


44 GR


Mechanisms: Weight adjustment, Clip pusher, Cap release

Jewels: 5

Number of parts: 82

Unique series: 10

Barrel cross-section thickness: 1.1mm

Materials: Pure Sapphire barrel and cap. Tungsten-carbide monobloc oscillating weight, titanium column threads for oscillating weight. Corundum functional jewels.

Dial: Sapphire Slate grey dial with 'grande tapisserie' pattern, red indices and hand with luminescent coating, PVD black coated inner bezel ring.

Finish: Electro-plasma and by hand. Geneva waves, circular graining.

Functions: Weight adjustment with top-bottom dial indicator, clip easy slide function, pusher operated cap releasing.


Cap release

Clip Mechanism

Clip pusher


Weight adjustment