It all started with a need. A consuming need to create. In the founders own words ' it's not about wanting to create. It's about needing to create. Is like the creation has already an existence in another spiritual plane and it needs you to be brought to life into this world'

Looking at Iunal Giumali's life and career to date, it becomes evident that Styljoux is a natural progression for his deep love for writing, micro-mechanics and art. For him, pens are a lot more than a space for his energy and entrepreneurial spirit to express itself. But they are an artistic medium to manifest his creative drive. To create unique objects, modern works of art in their own right.


Graduating in Istanbul with a Masters Degree, Iunal's love for high-end penmaking was strongly imprinted by his first UK employer, Harrods. He spent six years with their pen and fine watch teams during an exciting period of change and growth.

He started with founding the pen blog. In 2015 the desire to allow his dream and vision to become reality, made Iunal resign from Harrods to follow his dream: Styljoux.

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