Serial Numbers

Styljoux is a leading manufacturer of fine writing instruments. As such we invest considerably is order to bring a unique and satisfying product to our customers. To protect our products and customers from counterfeits and also a mean of keeping track of our products. Every single Styljoux pen to exit our workshops is engraved with a unique serial number.

A visible serial number, with the format QP3557861 is engraved on the pen. The serial number is an integral part of the pen's identity. It is printed on the warranty booklet. Any new pen sold by aStyljoux retailer is necessarily accompanied by its warranty booklet. This warranty booklet, called the "Warranty, Authentication & Register Certificate", must be duly filled out by the retailer at the time of purchase. In order to be valid, it must contain the serial number appearing on the thread of the pen, the SM number, the Limited Edition number if the case, the retailer's stamp, the retailer's signature and the date of purchase.

If the original certificate has been lost, a certificate of authenticity may be drawn up by sending the pen to our workshop, along with a proof of purchase, for identification.