Owning a Styljoux writing instrument is an encounter. Not only is it an experience to use one of the world's most finely crafted pens, but it is an experience to belong to a unique community of owners.

We invite you to take this opportunity, both to foster the traditions and to add to the personal bond between you and Styljoux. Kept in our headquarter, the record books contain the names of many leading contemporary personalities and famous collectors.

As a Styljox owner, you are a member of a community of like-minded and passionate people who enjoy the finer things in life. As such, with Collectors Club, Styljoux wishes to offer you an even more intense experience and a unique opportunity to have access to information, services, and events that are unique for Styljoux owners.

We invite you to join us and take your Styljoux journey to another level.

How to register:

A registration form is included with the paperwork of your pen.Fill in the details and post the form to our offices.

If you need more assistance, ask for the form at the shop where you purchased your pen or call our Concierge service.