SM Numbers

Styljoux is a pen brand with an extraordinary philosophy. Uniquely, each pen is not part of a family formed of a ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen but a standalone model. This means that a certain design can be issued as a rollerball only, with no corresponding ballpoint or fountain pen.

Consequently, as a mean of easy identification, each design has assigned a unique Styljoux Model Number also known as a SM Number. The SM Number has a format as for example SM0015. This is uniquely attributed to each model.

In another part of the barrel two letters 'aB' are engraved. The lowercase letter 'a' indicated the Annual Series year of production, letter 'B' indicates the calendar year of production.

Routinely, the common way to identify a model is by its SM Number.

The SM Number is an integral part of the pen's identity. It is printed on the warranty booklet. Any new watch sold by a Styljoux retailer is necessarily accompanied by its warranty booklet. This warranty booklet, called the "Warranty, Authentication & Register Certificate", must be duly filled out by the retailer at the time of purchase. In order to be valid, it must contain the serial number appearing on the thread of the pen, the SM number, the Limited Edition number if the case, the retailer's stamp, the retailer's signature and the date of purchase.

If the original certificate has been lost, a certificate of authenticity may be drawn up by sending the pen to the Manufacture in Switzerland, along with a proof of purchase, for identification.