The Vallee de Joux is a region of Switzerland located 50 km north of Geneva and just across the border from France. Amid its lakes and forests, it offers an exceptionally well-preserved natural environment.
For connoisseurs it is known as the 'cradle of watchmaking'.For the Styljoux brand there has always been only one option. In order to realize the dream of creating the most exquisite writing instruments in the world the brand had to be located in Switzerland. The close proximity to France, Germany and Italy would also allow us take advantage of the best technology and artisans available in these countries.We combine the Swiss tradition with the French sense of luxury, Italian artistic sensibilities and advanced German technology.
Immersed in this unique geography The House of Styljoux brings to the world our remarkable creations. Our goal? Simply to develop, manufacture and assemble the best writing instruments in the world.
That spirit is embodied in five values that have always represented the very essence of the House of Styljoux and will continue to do so for generations to come.


Made in the best Swiss tradition, Styljoux pens are works of art whose beauty reflects their mechanical perfection. Styljoux has established its own pure, timeless style : a harmonious combination of personality and discretion, modernity, elegance and boldness. The style has inspired models with distinctive, strong, refined lines that have become classics.


The difference between a good product and an exceptional creation is always in the detail. The goal is to create a writing instrument where nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away without damaging the creation.


Without emotion even the best idea can translate into dull, boring creations. What makes a pen more than writing implement is emotion. Emotion creates a unique bond between the owner and it's Styljoux. It becomes an extension of the body and companion to the most intimate thoughts and precious memories. Ask a owner of a Styljoux to talk to you about their pen and you will understand.


To create the best one must use the best. A core value of the Styljoux philosophy, we bring together the best craftsmen, designers and penmakers and employ time honoured traditional techniques. Make use of advanced machines and employ the most noble of materials. Hence Styljoux will never use cheap plastics known as resins or laquers but 904L steel, grade 5 titanium, magnesium, carbon fibre, high-tech alloys, functional jewels, sapphire, ceramic and precious metals.


Representing tradition at its most dynamic, Styljoux constantly pushes back the frontiers of the penmaking art through its achievements at the cutting edge of innovation. It has confirmed its pioneering role by breakthrough developments in areas as micro-mechanics, material technology, fluid and nib technology, filing over fifteen patents, including five of major importance to the history of ecriture. The Styljoux brand is therefore meant evolve. It will accommodate all the technical progress and future developments that serve to advance mechanical functionality, long-term reliability and comfort.

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